Microsoft joins hands with iFixit to launch gadget repair site Pro Tech Network

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Microsoft has partnered with iFixit to launch a gadget repair site dubbed Pro Tech Network aiming to help those who want to learn how to fix gadgets and those looking to set up gadget repair business.

The website intends to educate users about gadgets and how to fix them while also teaching users about responsibly disposing of electronic waste. Entrepreneurs can also get marketing and technical advice from a team of executives.

Microsoft Environmental Sustainability Manager Josh Henretig said that the company believes that the initiative could help cut down on electronic waste. The service teaches people how to fix their devices and use them instead of discarding or selling off when something goes wrong with it.

He also said that the studies have pointed to the fact that devices like smartphones and tablets should be used for “tens of years” in order to have a positive environmental benefit. With iFixit scoring devices based on the reparability, Microsoft believes that the partnership could be effective as iFixit can supply the know-how required to devise the manuals about fixing the devices.

iFixit Director of Marketing Jeff Snyder said that the firm hopes to help people improve their tech skills through the partnership with Microsoft. His blog post announcing the partnership said that the refurbishment industry requires more knowledge and tools to meet the new challenges the explosion of mobile devices is posing and that the Pro Tech Network could help people equip themselves with these skills and also start businesses based on them.

The network will supply extensive manuals on how to fix the devices and business methods for free access to the public and they will be revised as and when required, keeping up with the pace of the technological advancements and device developments.