Twitter wants advertisers to get more returns; offers new objective-based platform

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Twitter has introduced a new objective-based campaign for small-to-medium businesses through which it intends to make it easier for advertisers to get a better return on their investment.

“Today, we’re excited to announce objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing”, said Christine Lee, a senior product manager at Twitter in a blog post. “This will make it easier for advertisers to create and optimize successful marketing campaigns — and pay only for the actions that are aligned with their marketing objectives.”

Under its current model, the microblogging site charges advertisers every time a user interacts with their ads, even if that particular interaction doesn’t yield returns or is not exactly what the advertiser intended in the first place.

This means that if an advertiser is only looking for ‘clicks’ on the ad that will take the user to their sites, but a user actually doesn’t do that an ends up following that advertiser’s twitter account, the advertiser still has to pay.

Under the objective-based platform, advertisers only pay based on the objective they have set – website clicks or new followers, etc. thereby saving them money on interactions they don’t want.

Under the new plan twitter is offering advertisers five different options to chose from including new followers, website clicks or conversions, tweet engagements, app installations and leads.