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Edward Snowden granted Three years stay in Russia

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Edward Snowden, one of the causes of the US government’s anxiety problem and simultaneously hailed as great whistleblower in several parts of the world has been granted stay in Russia for another three years.

The Russians announced that Snowden would not only be allowed to stay for another three years in Russia, but would also be allowed to travel abroad for three month periods.

His Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena: “The decision on the application has been taken and therefore, starting 1 August 2014, Edward Snowden has received a three-year residential permit.”

The Russian decision comes at a time when Washington and Moscow are locked in a bitter fight over Ukraine.

On the other hand Snowden has not been granted political asylum, but his lawyer said that he would be able to apply again for his residential permit after the expiry of the present term and after five years of continues stay he would be eligible to apply for Russian citizenship.

Snowden has been living in Russia from 23 June 2013. He arrived in the country after blowing the lid off US Government’s espionage on Government’s around the world and also snooping on private citizens.

The US government has filed espionage and treason charges on Snowden, but several including United Nation’s Human Rights official have credited Snowden for his courage to disclose how the US government snoops around.

Meanwhile, Snowden lives in an undisclosed location in Russia and has an IT job, learning Russian and lives of his own salary, his lawyer said.