White Xbox One hinted at by French retailer

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Soon after launch of black Xbox One, Microsoft loyalists started inquiring of the possibility of a while variant of the console and reports started trickling around December 2013 that Redmond had distributed white version of Xbox One to its employees, but there was no information about a retail version of the console.

However, this has changed today as a listing of white Xbox One was spotted on a French retailer Micromania’s site [now taken down] along with Sunset Overdrive for €399 (£320, $535). The retailer claimed that the white Xbox One was exclusive to them.

The timing of white Xbox One is well-timed considering that Sony has already revealed white version of its PlayStation 4 which will be released as a part of Destiny bundle with standalone version to follow suite.

Microsoft is yet to officially announce a white Xbox One, but we anticipate that the company may unveil the new console at its Gamescom briefing on August 12.

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