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Linux 3.16 final released; Linux 3.17 merge window timing ‘sucks’

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Following a rather quiet week and ‘nothing particularly exciting’ after release of Linux 3.16-rc7, Linus Torvalds has pushed out Linux 3.16 final.

The week in between Linux 3.16-rc7 and Linux 3.16 final saw smaller stuff coming in – a third being architecture updates relates to ARM, X86, and random powerpc updates among others; a third driver related stuff; and the remaining one third comprising of miscellaneous stuff including mm and networking.

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“So while 3.16 looked a bit iffy for a while, things cleared up nicely, and there was no reason to do extra release candidates like I feared just a couple of weeks ago”, notes Torvalds.

With the release of Linux 3.16 final, the merge windows for Linux 3.17 has opened, but Torvalds notes that the timing isn’t great considering that him and many other core Kernel developers will be travelling to attend Kernel Summit in Chicago. LinuxCon and other Linux Foundation events are also lined up during this merge window which could force Torvalds to extend it by a week or two.

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“…for the third time in a row, the timing sucks for me, as I have travel coming up the second week of the merge window. Many other core developers will be traveling too, since it’s just before the kernel summit in Chicago”, notes Torvalds in the mailing list announcement.