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Lost in London? You are in good company

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A study sponsored by Phone and GPS device maker Nokia has shown that more people get lost in the City of London than any place else on the Earth. The research has determined that one in ten people, fully ten percent feel it is not possible to negotiate travel in and around London.
The United Kingdom capitol’s high rate of confusion is followed by a high rate of meandering in Paris, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Sadly and comically, in London where people are most likely to ask help from locals for direction, one third of all Londoners are found to deliberately give false directions.
With that knowledge in hand, it is all the more logical that Nokia is stepping forward in their production of handheld global positioning systems as integrated into mobile phones. A further statistical factor is that one in five people admit to being unable to read a conventional paper map.
Fully 20% of people surveyed believe that they are genetically indisposed to navigation. Ten percent of people surveyed acknowledge having missed a job interview, business meeting or airline flight due to becoming lost.
It would seem that Nokia phones with built-in GPS are a perfect match for people in the city of London.