eBay’s workforce diversity far better than other tech giants with 42% women

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eBay is the latest to reveal workforce diversity statistics, adding to the list of other biggies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

On Thursday, ebay disclosed that 42 percent of the company’s 33,000 global job positions are held by women as compared to other big companies including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounting for 40 percent, 39 percent, 37 percent, 31 percent,30 percent and 30 percent female workforce respectively.

That’s not all; the e-commerce giant claimed women make up for 49 percent of non-tech jobs and 28 percent of leadership jobs, all thanks to the company’s Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) launched three years ago to “attract and engage women to build lasting careers at eBay.”

The company’s ethnic diversity stats are however not much different from other tech giants. Around 61 percent of eBay’s workforce is white, 24 percent are Asian, 7 percent are black and 5 percent are Hispanic. Multi-racial and other make up 1 percent each. For leadership positions, those numbers are even more harsh with only 2 percent black and 2 percent Hispanic. This means a whopping 72 percent of the company’s leaders are white while only 23 percent are Asian.

The ecommerce giant said that it is more than satisfied looking at the workforce diversity statistics but still hopes to bring in more diversity in the coming future.