Microsoft’s selfie-friendly Windows Phone is codenamed ‘Superman’

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Recent reports suggest Microsoft is soon going to launch special ‘selfie’ dedicated smart phone along with a second handset, codenamed “Tesla.”

According to a report on the Verge, Microsoft devices chief, Stephen Elop, showed off both the handsets to its employees at the annual employee meeting held in Seattle on Monday.

The first of the two, ‘selfie’ friendly smart phone codenamed “Superman” is expected to come with a 5-megapixel, forward-facing camera optimised for self-shot photographs and a 4.7-inch display.

The second new handset codenamed “Tesla” as described by Elop will be an “affordable high-end phone” with an impressive PureView camera.

The Windows Phone 8.1 handset is expected to debut as a Lumia 720 replacement. The handset looks kind of similar to the Lumia 930, but is comparatively a bit thinner and less bulky. Several leaked images of the Tesla surfaced on Weibo, the Chinese social media website. The device may be launched with the Nokia Lumia 830 tag.

Elop’s announcement of the handsets comes just days after Microsoft’s smartphone chief Jo Harlow said, in an internal memo, that the company could launch “other high-end products…very soon.”

Although nothing about the device’s launch was disclosed, it is expected that the devices are close to release.
Microsoft’s latest move follows rival Samsung’s launch of selfie dedicated smart phone ‘the Galaxy K Zoom’ earlier this year.

Meanwhile, August launch of HTC One M8’s Windows Phone version is also said to be in the pipeline.