Apple Inc. likely to start iPhone 5S Personal Pickup as early as Monday

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Apple’s Personal Pickup service for the iPhone 5S was briefly active last week for some time – possibly due to a technical glitch, but according to sources familiar with the matter the service will go live publicly as early as coming Monday.

There has been no official word from Apple as to why was the Personal Pickup service activated for a brief amount of time and then retracted, but chances are that the decision could have been based on two possibilities – first that it actually doesn’t have enough iPhone 5S units in its inventory to fulfill the barrage of orders it may receive once the service goes like. Second, it actually wants to sell more handsets to walk-in customers thereby increasing chances of cross-sales.

Whatever may be the reason, we are now hearing from sources familiar with the matter that the service will go live starting this Monday. Through this service, those looking to get their hands onto an iPhone 5S early – rather than wait till it gets delivered to their doorsteps – can book one online and choose in-store pickup on a day of their liking.

One of the Apple store personnel aware about the matter has also revealed that a “queue card” system will be put in place for all walk-in purchases up until the demand for iPhone 5S gains normalcy.