Vodafone announces £25 Chromecast offer for Red 4G customers

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Vodafone, one of the UK’s leading mobile network operators, has announced that it is offering Google’s media-streaming devices to UK customers at a discounted price.

The mobile network operator said that all new and existing Red 4G customers will be able to get hold of Chromecast for just £25 against the original price of £30.

Cindy Rose, customer director at Vodafone UK, said the mobile network with currently more than one million 4G customers, expects Chromecast to be a huge hit among its users.

She said Vodafone’s key motto is to offer its customers the best possible experience, irrespective of wherever they are. With Chromecast, users will now be able to enjoy and share the best online content from their smartphone, tablet and PC on the TV from anywhere at any time, Rose added.

The streaming device is currently available for purchase in Vodafone’s 375 UK retail stores for £25.

Users can plug the thumb-sized media streaming device into the HDMI port on a TV to cast some of their favourite online shows, movies and music using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Chromecast works well with Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows PCs and Macs.

The Chromecast sold out in a day after it was first available for purchase in the US last year. In the UK, the dongle scored big just as it launched, with one Chromecast unit sold every 4.5 seconds.