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Microsoft’s new advert shows off Cortana whipping Apple’s Siri

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Microsoft has likely taken a leaf from Samsung’s book to go mocking after Apple in its new advert entitled “Happy Anniversary,” with Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows Phone getting the limelight in comparison to Apple’s Siri.

The new 30-second Windows Phone advert compares Cortana on affordable Nokia Lumia 635 and Siri on Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S, while assigning a series of tasks, with the Cortana beating Siri, which says that it cannot carry out the instruction every time.

The clip shows a husband seeking the digital assistant’s help to wish his wife “Happy Anniversary.” He asks Microsoft’s Cortana to remind him to wish “Happy Anniversary” when his wife calls him next time. Cortana obliges and sets a reminder, while Siri responds “Oh no! I cannot do that!”

He continues asking Cortana to remind him to get roses when he is near any flower shop, for which Cortana says “Sure Thing” and again sets a reminder, while Siri just says “I can’t do that either!”

Finally, Cortana pops up a traffic reminder “Time to leave” automatically, prompting him to start before traffic delays, after which Siri admits “Now that is a smartphone” at the end of advert comparing the low-end Nokia Lumia 635 with a premium iPhone 5S.

However, this isn’t the first time Microsoft is mocking Apple in a commercial as last year Microsoft smacked down iPad Air for Surface 2 tablet in an advert. The company has previously used Siri’s voice in the adverts to poke fun at the iPad.

Microsoft’s Cortana is currently available only in the US, but is expected to land in UK and China by late 2014.