Crytek UK developers paid as company issues official statement

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Crytek UK developers have finally been paid last week as the company issued an official statement about its ongoing financial troubles, a new report has revealed.

Citing unnamed sources, Kotaku has reported that Crytek UK staffers have finally been paid after months of missed payouts that instigated a series of walkouts and formal grievances. The payments are definitely late, but are nonetheless welcome news for all those who are still with the company.

There is no news on the number of employees who have already left Crytek UK and there is no guarantee that those who have left will be reporting back to the company as they have now been paid.

“Of course the whole situation has been deeply uncomfortable and has seen trust eroded,” said one sources connected to Crytek UK. “Many people have decided to move on.”

In an official statement Crytek acknowledged that there has been a lapse on its side as far as communication with the employees was concerned. Crytek said that it has been in a transitional phase.

Crytek claims that it has secured the necessary funding for its long-term strategic plans, but hasn’t detailed on how or from where it has secured the funding.

The company further added that it “won’t be communicating further details about our developments and progress.”