BBM for Windows Phone to be released publicly next week

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BlackBerry has announced that BBM for Windows Phone will be available publicly starting next week – initially with some basic features – and has promised that new features will be introduced over the course of next few weeks.

BBM for Windows Phone will initially have contacts, chats and feeds option. Contacts will list all the individual contacts as well as the groups you are a part of; Chat will enable you to carry out one-on-one and group chats; while Feeds will keep you up to date with other’s status and profile photos.

Features such as stickers, BBM Voice, Channels and location sharing won’t be available at launch and users will need to wait for updates to get them.

Matthew Talbot, Senior Vice President of Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry, revealed through a blog post that the 10,000 beta testing slots of BBM for Windows Phone got filled within just 24 hours. “The excitement is there. The numbers are there. The momentum is there”, he added.

The initial feedback from beta testers has been positive and during these few days the company has already fixed quite a few bugs to better enhance user experience.

Once released, users will be able to sign-up for the service through a simple and streamlined process just like iOS and Android users.