Microsoft Surface Mini shut away at the last moment

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Even after so much hype with loads of rumours, Microsoft has reportedly pulled the plug from Surface Mini at the last moment before the Surface Pro 3 launch event.

Microsoft’s quarterly earnings report released on Tuesday has shed light on the company’s decision to cancel the Surface Mini devices before launch of Surface Pro 3.

The company, in the Computer and Gaming Hardware section of the report, states that the year’s cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments which was a result of a transition to new generation devices as well as a new form factor which were not shipped.

Surface Mini was expected to launch alongside Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft has likely axed it at the last moment as it did not meet the quality standards expected. However, they could not make changes in the Surface Pro 3 user guide and so the Surface Mini appeared in the guide at several instances.

The company has not disclosed the sales figures in its earnings report, but stated the revenue from tablet sales for the quarter as $409 million. Microsoft brings clarity to the comparatively lower sales revenue than the previous quarter by stating the failure to launch a new form factor to be reason.