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Which?: Brits pay more than US shoppers for same technology products

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Brits are being offered technology products at prices higher than they are being sold in the US, a watchdog has claimed.

Consumer group, Which?, in its new research report stated that after comparing the prices, excluding tax, of 13 identical tech products including televisions, gaming consoles, desktop applications and security software, it found that consumers living in the UK are forced to buy products at higher prices than people in the US. Notably, price difference of some items, calculated as on June 18, ran to hundreds of pounds.

The consumer group found that a Samsung TV cost £402 more in the UK as compared to the US, while an Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop cost £194 more in the UK than US.

The report claimed that Brits are charged more not only in technical goods, but also in digital goods. The watchdog found that a 12 month subscription to Adobe Creative cloud software cost £114 more in the UK than in the US. Similarly, Microsoft Office Professional digital software cost £325 in the UK, while the same costs £89 less in the US where it can be purchased for £236.

Which? has advised consumers to go for buying digital products in-store if possible, as items such as Microsoft Office are sold at a fixed price by the company while physical versions are sold at discounted prices by numerous retailers.

The watchdog wants manufacturers to be fair in pricing and explain why tech products are more expensive in the UK.

The consumer group is also calling out the Government to raise the current threshold for import duty on goods bought online to the same level as that placed on goods brought back from abroad to allow shoppers to shop for cheaper items available for sale in the US.