Facebook nows allows post edits

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Facebook understands drafting anything 100 percent correct in the first attempt is a bit difficult and so the social networking giant has decided to offer its users an ability to edit and correct their published posts – a feature that will be hugely welcomed by those with an itchy finger.

Starting this Thursday, Facebook website and android app users can make changes to their posts even after publishing it. The feature can be used “if you notice a typo or get tripped up by auto-correct,” said Facebook. iOS app will soon be bestowed with the feature.

A digital eraser will allow users to twist or change their friend’s posts and comments. In order to edit or redo posts, you just needs to tap the down arrow on the post and click on the ‘edit’ button and this will allow you to change any post or message. The recipient, if checks the posts’ entire history, will see the posts’ edit history as well. Facebook is still working on the edited posts history feature to get it all right before launching the feature on its mobile app.

Earlier users could only edit their online comments, but not their original posts on Facebook. Both now thanks to Facebook that users’ can easily edit even their initial posts. Twitter, Facebook’s leading rival, is yet to allow editing of its original tweets.

You can download the updated android app from Google Play here.