Oracle: All versions of Java still works on Windows XP

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Oracle has made it clear that it will not stop supporting Java on Windows XP and that the company may even begin to support JDK 8 on the same OS in near future.

The company, in an official blog post on Friday, said that the previous rumours that Java will no longer work on Windows XP after the end of support by Microsoft or that the company will stop Java updates from being applied on Windows XP are not at all true.

Oracle said that all Java versions, that were supported before Microsoft announced end of support for Windows XP, will continue to work on the OS for the foreseeable future. In particular, JDK 7 will continue to work on Windows XP, the company said.

The company will continue to push out security updates to Windows XP desktops. Oracle also said that Windows XP does not support JDK 8 and that known issues with the Windows XP installer prevent it from installing without manual intervention. However, the company said that users can unpack the installer manually to run it, adding that it is looking out for possible ways to address this issue.

Users using XP with JDK7 were also reminded that they will continue to get updates from Oracle until the End of Public Updates for JDK 7 which is currently scheduled for April 2015.