AdDuplex: US is the biggest market for Microsoft’s Windows Phone

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Windows Phone can make for a very less number of the US smartphones when compared to the giant Android and iOS, but still the country is the biggest market for Microsoft, claims a recent report published by the Ad network firm AdDuplex.

AdDuplex reports that 11 percent of smartphone users in the US use Windows Phone, making it the biggest market for Microsoft for its mobile devices. The report is based on the number of ads it has served through 11 significant apps to almost 200,000 devices in a 24 hour period in July.

The report contradicts with the other reports that show US as a minor market for the Microsoft’s OS, including the Kantar Worldpanel report that claims Windows Phone to hold only a 4 percent market share in the country.

AdDuplex reports the next largest market to be India, with about 7.5 percent of total smartphone users using Windows Phone, followed by Brazil with 6.9 percent users. Russia and Italy share the fourth place, each holding 4.3 percent while the next pedestal is shared by China, UK and Mexico with 3.7 percent. Argentina, Germany, Finland and Thailand differ a little with 3.5 percent users.

While Gartner has revealed that Windows Phone has 4 percent of share in the total shipment of smartphones this year, AdDuplex expects that Microsoft will ship 10 percent of the total smartphone shipped by 2018.

On the other hand Microsoft has the target to reach 15 percent of the total smartphone shipments by 2018. AdDuplex has not cited any reason why they think that Microsoft’s market share will increase.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has revealed that Windows OS sales have dipped by 3.8 percent in March to May 2014 in a month over month comparison with 2013 numbers. It has also revealed that the sales in Great Britain, France and Italy have increased this year. Sales figures in China have also fallen down from 3 percent to 0.6 percent this year.