Lumia branded Android smartphone in the works, leak suggests

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Microsoft may be looking to expand the line-up of Android powered Nokia smartphones by rolling out a Lumia branded smartphone that runs Nokia’s customised version of Android.

“Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft”, read a tweet by evleaks. This led many to question the future of Windows Phone powered Lumia devices on which evleaks said “Let me clarify something. An Android Lumia in no way spells the end of Windows Phone. That platform is not going anywhere.”

Nokia X smartphones have been a gap-filling range that sits in between the very low-end Android smartphones and expensive ones. However, the specifications of the Nokia X smartphones didn’t impress many and there have been demands for a more powerful Nokia X handset that can compete with medium to top end Android devices.

It seems that this is what Microsoft is aiming with its Lumia branded Android smartphone – a high-end phone that can take on top end models from Samsung, HTC, and Sony among others.

A powerful smartphone will be capable of handling great number of apps and services available from Microsoft including One Drive, Xbox Live; support a high-resolution camera among other things.

The leak isn’t accompanied by a photo or any other details so we would recommend readers to take it with a grain of salt.