Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 to sport a flexible sapphire front panel

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A fresh whiff of rumours have been surfacing every day about the Apple’s next generation smartphone iPhone 6 and the latest is its sapphire crystal display.

A video uploaded by MKBHD shows the 4.7-inch front panel of the alleged iPhone 6. The glass panel fits a 4.7-inch device exactly.

Previous rumours suggested that the 5.5-inch model will sport a sapphire crystal display and now the 4.7-inch model seems to have the same display. Hence it can be perceived that the company may offer the device in two different sizes as rumoured: a 5.5-inch model and a 4.7-inch model.

Sapphire crystal displays are highly scratch resistant which could be the reason why Apple chose it for its next gen iPhone.

The video from MKBHD shows the display being scratched with a pocket knife and a set of keys, but no scratches are visible. It was also made to undergo some stress tests to find out the durability by being bent at different angles. It only bends but does not break even when the display was stamped on and pulled upwards.

The second video comes from Sonny Dickson, a highly genuine Apple insider most of whose past rumours have been true. His 31-second video features the sapphire crystal panel being held horizontally and bent both upwards and downwards, exerting pressure towards the centre of the glass which only bends the panel without breaking it.

Apple is expected to announce their next device sometime in September and this extra-durable panel could be a key motivation for some buyers concerned about durability.