‘Around 100’ Crytek UK staffers hand over formal grievance letters; MIA from studio

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Crytek, the developer of popular games like Crysis and Ryse and Far Cry is facing mayhem at its UK facility as almost 100 of the staff members have left their jobs this Wednesday.

Sources familiar to the matter said that the studio is facing financial difficulties and has not paid its staff in full and on time.

According to Kotaku, the company’s latest paychecks have not reached the employees on time and several current and former employees have reported the problem.

Notably, the company’s sequel to Ryse was cancelled recently as the company had disputes with Microsoft regarding the rights to the franchise. Homefront: The Revolution is currently under development in the studio and now that a majority of the staff has left, the release of the game can’t be expected anytime soon.

Crytek’s UK office staff handed in formal grievance letters on Wednesday before leaving. One of the sources said that almost 100 employees left the company and it is unclear as to how many of them are willing to continue working with the studio and how many of them want to discontinue their services permanently. Crytek UK has been losing staff consistently in the recent past.

Rumours have surfaced that Deep Silver, publisher of Homefront would acquire Crytek and fund the development of the game. Deep Silver is likely in talks with Crytek about such a deal. One source noted that Deep Silver has invested quite a lot of money in Homefront and so they will not want to see it go. However, the companies have refused to comment.