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Linux 3.16-rc3 released

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Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.16-rc3 yesterday – back to the normal Sunday release cycle – with things looking ‘reasonably normal’.

RC3 packs lesser number of driver updates, but that could possibly be because Greg didn’t send out his USB/staging changes to be merged notes Torvalds. Driver changes and updates are mostly related to GPU, networking and sound.

“As a result misc architecture updates (mips, powerpc, x86, arm) dominate the diff, and there are various random other updates”, notes Torvalds in the kernel mailing list release announcement. “We’ve got filesystem updates (aio, nfs and ocfs2), a small batch of mm fixes from Andrew, some networking stuff.etc.”

According to Torvalds, the most noticeable changes to end users will be “unbreaking of direct block device read accesses on 32-bit targets” and “some x86 vdso regression fixes that caused problems”.

“The rest”, Torvalds notes “probably didn’t end up affecting very many people, but it’s all proper fixes.”