Tablets leapfrog Nintendo 3DS as most popular gaming devices, survey finds

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Tablets have managed to leapfrog Nintendo 3DS for the first time ever as the most popular personal gaming device in the UK, a new survey has found.

According to data released by Futuresource Consulting, 44 percent children in the UK in the age group of 3-12 own a tablet with more parents revealing that tablets are the most likely of gadgets that they will purchase for their kids in the next six months – twice as likely than purchasing a smartphone or the latest gaming console

The survey data further reveals that older kids – specifically those aged nine and over – are more into smartphones. 25 percent of all 9-10 year olds own a smartphone with the number rising to a staggering 46 percent for ages 11-12.

Futuresource survey also found that reading books everyday was one of the most frequently undertaken activity – as high as 45 percent. If the frequency of reading is reduced to atleast twice a week this number rises to a whopping 76 percent.

The survey also finds that playing board games and jigsaw puzzles was still a major activity for kids in the UK – as many as 39 percent spending five or more hours a week, while 63 percent played traditional toys including construction sets, dolls, and action figures.

Despite the increase in gaming console adoption, the survey found that time spent on these consoles or PC is still lower than traditional toys in the younger age group (<11). “There's no doubt that technology and digital content is here to stay and continues to exert its influence upon children's behaviours. However, traditional playtime activities continue to play an important role in childhood pursuits and should not be overlooked”, notes Futuresource in its press release. Source: Futuresource Consulting