Facebook now provides 70 gender options to choose from in the UK

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Facebook users in the UK who were limited to 50 gender options now get to select from over 20 new additional options – a move that the social network claims is towards better reflection of the country’s diversity.

Users can also select whether they want to be addressed as he, she or they. Facebook said in a statement that when users connect with other people, organisations or causes on the social network it wants them to feel comfortable with their true self.

“An important part of this is the expression of gender especially when it extends beyond the definitions of just ‘male’ or ‘female’”, said Facebook Diversity.

Facebook, starting February, allowed users to select from 50 gender option in the US and UK. The latest set of gender options have been specifically added for the UK in collaboration with Press for Change and Gendered Intelligence.

Facebook said that gender options will not have an impact on how marketers target users and that there is “currently no way for marketers to target ‘transgender/custom’ [individuals] on Facebook.”

Those who want to change their gender on Facebook can click on “About” tab, navigate to “Contact and Basic Information” and select “Edit” next to the “Gender” option. Users can also select a set of friends to whom their gender related changes will be shown.

Facebook’s policy director in the UK Simon Milner, while speaking to The Independent, said that the company wasn’t pushing any agenda, but it does recognise that some people in the UK will be uncomfortable with the changes.