Titanfall’s latest update brings Marked for Death mode, 14 new burn cards, Titan Insignias

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Titanfall’s fourth update for Xbox One and PC is live and it brings with it some amazing new features including Marked for Death mode, 14 new burn cards, and Titan Insignias.

As the name implies, in the Marked for Death mode one player from each team will be marked for elimination and rest of the team members will have to protect their squad mate by taking down the one marked for death from the opposition team.

Marked for Death is one of the featured game modes for Titanfall and they won’t last forever and they will be replaced with new game modes. Marked for Death will be followed by Wingman Last Titan Standing.

“These are game modes that will be available for a limited time only. New Featured Game Modes will be introduced periodically to replace any outgoing Featured Game Mode”, Respawn explains.

Another great feature is a set of new Burn cards that includes cards such as Amped Particle Wall, Amped Electric Smoke, Amped Vortex Shield and Turbo Engine among others. You will not lose your selected Burn card if you die as a pilot, but you will lose that card if you die as a titan.

Another feature that the fourth update brings with it is Titan Insignias. These are basically emblems that can be used to customise your Titan to show-off your accomplishments. You can unlock more Insignias by completing more challenges and if you already have completed a few challenges, you might find a few Insignias unlocked.

Some of the other features that the update brings with include Matchmaking, Titan OS Voices, Challenge Tracker, Lobby Music, Update Menu Art, Audio, Auto-Titans, Rodeo, Drift Guard, Unlocks, and Win/Loss streak.

The update also brings with it a series of bug fixes and balancing of weapons. Gamers may find that power of some of their weapons has been reduced while that of some other weapons has been increased.