EE extends 4G reach to 73% UK population with 14 new towns

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Everything Everywhere has announced that its 4G network is now available in 14 new towns in the UK taking the tally to 229 towns and cities and a 73 percent coverage.

EE, which claims to have a blanket 4G coverage from Scotland to Devon, added Carrickfergus, Castleford, Dumbarton, Ilkeston, Jarrow, Kirkby, Mansfield, Newton Abbot, Ramsbottom, Swinton, Totton, Walton-on-Thames, Wimborne Minster, and Wishaw to its tally of 4G connected towns starting today.

EE claimed that the latest expansion reiterates its commitment to bringing 4G in rural areas despite announcing voice and text over Wi-Fi trails recently.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, revealed that the company is continuously investing in superfast 4G as well as upgrades to 2G and 3G networks to bring 4G and best quality of calls across the UK including rural areas.

EE has the highest 4G subscriber base – just short of 6 million – and this is partly due to the head start the company got to roll out 4G services in the UK.