Facebook is still teenagers’ favourite

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Reports that Facebook is rapidly losing its popularity among young teenagers have been surfacing for a while, but that’s not true, at least according to a new study.

Research firm Forrester conducted a survey among 4,517 US teens, between ages 12 to 17, to check whether they access any social networks, and if yes then how often— “once a day,” “at least a few times each day,” or “all the time.”

The research found that almost 80 percent of them are still using Facebook and are more active on it than any other social networks including Twitter and Pinterest. More than three-quarters of the teenagers said they use Facebook at least once a month, while a third admitted that they use the site all the time.

“Facebook remains young users’ favorite social network. More than three-quarters of online youth use Facebook — twice as many as use Pinterest or Tumblr or Snapchat, as and more than use Instagram and WhatApp combined,” said Forrester analyst Nate Elliott in a blog post.

“And 28% of young users who are on Facebook say they use it ‘all the time,’ a higher percentage than said this about any other social network… The bottom line: The sky is not falling. Facebook does not have a problem attracting or retaining teen users.”

Past surveys concluded that Facebook has lost its appeal among teenagers. However, this new research comes as a sign of relief to the social networking giant.