Microsoft’s Bing aiming at 75 more international markets

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It seems like Microsoft is leaving no stone un-turned in order to bring its own search engine ‘Bing’ at par with the leading search giant Google.

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is currently planning an international expansion of its search engine, and is seeking applications for a new job opening for Bing international.

Apparently, Microsoft has quietly posted a new job position seeking for a business development manager for Bing international on its Careers website.

The posting reads, Bing is “embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history.” It goes on to say that international expansion plans are “now front and center at Bing,” and that the company aims to extend Bing’s reach across 75 markets across the globe.

The job posting further said that the successful candidate will be required to “drive and execute strategic partnerships and tactical deals in key search distribution and content areas (which may include local, shopping, entertainment, music, books, video, social, news and apps), for the web, mobile/tablets, Xbox and other devices.”

Another report said the software giant, in order to boost Bing’s popularity, has designed a new project – Catapult – that will make search results faster and more efficient.

The company unveiled the project at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture in Minnesota. Microsoft expects the new project to go well leading to a performance upscale of as much as 95 percent.

“For the first time ever, the quality of Bing’s page ranking will be driven not only by great algorithms but also by hardware – incredibly advanced hardware that can be made more highly specialized [sic] than anything ever seen before at datacenter scale,” Microsoft’s head of Research Peter Lee said.