Amazon to gift developers $15000 in Amazon Coins for apps

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Amazon has come up with a new strategy to lure developers to develop apps for its Fire OS platform, following the launch of its smartphone Amazon Fire.

Believe it or not, Amazon is gifting as much as $15,000 in Amazon Coins to developers for bringing approved apps to the platform.

As part of the new strategy, every app that has been successfully qualified will be awarded 500,000 Amazon Coins of worth $5,000, while each of the developers will have a chance to be awarded the maximum of 3 times, totalling it to $15,000. However, to get qualified for the platform, the apps will have to meet certain rules and criteria.

“All apps must implement an app widget using the Home API to display contextual information when the app is brought to the forefront on the device Carousel. Non-game apps must implement either (or both) of the left and right panels using Foundation Controls or Dynamic Perspective SDK. Games must use the Dynamic Perspective SDK to create an in-game experience that responds to a user’s motion relative to the device,” the restriction as listed on Amazon’s website read.

“Note that games that merely replace swipe-based controls or gyro functionality with head tracking will not qualify. The game must use head tracking to implement an in-game experience. Examples include the ability for a user to pan and zoom the field of view in a game by moving the device back or forward or the ability to rotate the device about any axis to change the viewing angle of the surroundings.”

This suggests that Amazon is trying to bump up its Appstore numbers which currently houses more than 240,000 Android apps.