Apple pulls several music download apps from App Store

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Apple has likely ironed out several music apps that let users to download copyrighted music from music streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Having gained a foothold in the music market with acquisitions such as Beats, Apple may be looking to promote more of its business and disable means of downloading music illicitly.

A search for music apps in the App Store pulled up several results for apps but most of them now lacked the option to download. Before this move, the same search would list a number of apps that would let users to download music from sites such as Sound Cloud, YouTube, etc in the ‘Top Charts’ category.

There was also a message inviting users to try out its iTunes Radio which is now free and ad supported. Users also have Apple’s Beats Music available now at a subscription of $10 per month.

Some developers also reported that they have received instructions from Apple to remove the audio downloading feature from their apps.

It is also widely assumed that it is a move to polish the service before Apple launches its next operating system iOS 8 this autumn as it has scheduled most of the previous launches around this time of the year.

On the other hand, Apple may just be trying to fend off apps that compete with its own music services. However, time will tell whether or not the company is going to completely remove other music apps on its platform.