Microsoft announces a new Bing with new logo and fresh features

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It is one of the major refurbishing that Microsoft’s Bing search engines has ever undergone.

Over the new few weeks, announced Microsoft today, it will be making “significant changes” to its Bing search service. The new things that will be added to Bing as per an announcement on its blog are: refreshed homepage, new logo and the addition of two features: Glance and Page Zero.

For years now, Bing has been trying to keep up with Google Search but not yet managed to reach there. This re-design is now been interpreted by online analysts as a fresh attempt at tackling competition.

BingCalling it the “reinvention of the idea of search”, Microsoft said: We’re creating products and experiences that celebrate insightover just lists of facts. We’re integrating with products that you use every day to make those experiences better. Voice search works in Xbox because of Bing. Office documents can embed images and detailed maps because of Bing. You can hover your Windows Phone over a sign in a foreign language and get an instant translation because of Bing. You can personalize news, stocks, sports, weather, food and health apps on your tablet because of Bing. Even Yahoo users get great search results thanks to a long-standing partnership with Bing.

New addition Glance combines two existing features – Snapshot, which stores information about a user, and Sidebar, which tracks friends from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Page Zero is Microsoft’s effort to stand up to the competition in the arena of instant search. The feature begins providing useful information while they are typing, in a bid to prevent them from needing to click search and visit the search results page.

The new Bing logo in yellow is an effort to be “simple, real and direct”. It comes with a stylized symbol “B” also in yellow, evoking a sense of movement, direction and energy, said Microsoft.


Image Credit: Bing blog