Kinect-less Xbox One hits UK shelves for £350

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Microsoft Xbox One without the motion-sensing Kinect has gone on sale in the UK, US, Australia and quite a few other regions at a reduced price – £349.99, $399.99 and AU$499.99 respectively.

Those looking for a full-price bundle of the Xbox One with Kinect need not worry as Microsoft isn’t culling these units.

Kinect-less console hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes when it was announced earlier in May, but there are the price-conscious buyers and not-too-impressed-with-Kinect developers who will hail Microsoft’s decision of selling the console.

Microsoft has been long blowing the benefits-trumpet of bundling Kinect with Xbox One and has been trying valiantly to point out the positives of such a bundle against PS4.

We do not anticipate huge boost in revenues with Kinect-less consoles, but Microsoft will indeed be able to move higher number of consoles over the course of next few weeks.

With Kinect out of the equation developers will have a rather tricky situation at hand. Developers will have to weigh in the fact that not all users will have a Kinect sensor 4-5 months down the line and any game that heavily relies on the sensor may not find enough takers – and Kinect dependent features are likely to bloat the game rather than prove valuable considering that Kinect-less Xbox One users don’t need those feature at all.

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