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Linux 3.15 released

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With the merge window for Linux 3.16 already open, Linus Torvalds has released the stable version of Linux 3.15.

Some of the features of Linux 3.15 include EFI mixed mode support to support 64-bit Kernel on systems with 32-bit UEFI; faster suspend and resume times; open-source graphics driver improvement including NVidia Maxwell GPU support and VCE 2.0 video encoding support; support for Sony DualShock 4 controller; AVX-512 and RDSEED extension support among other things.

“The futex fixes and cleanups may stand out, but as usual there’s various other random fixes since rc8 in there too: mainly drivers (drm, networking, sound, usb etc), networking, scheduling and perf tooling”, noted Torvalds in the release announcement.

Linux 3.16 merge window is already open since last week and we have seen quite a few new features queued up including 64-bit ARM EFI stub support; Samsung Exynos ARM multiplatform kernel support; GPU VM optimizations and HDMI deep color support; ARM Xen improvements; and Broadwell support within Intel’s P-State driver among other things.