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Chromebooks land in nine more countries

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Call it an announcement or couplet, Google’s Chromebooks are rhyming their way to nine more countries across the world, in an epic style.

“Chromebooks are coming to nine more nations; to improve computing for all generations. So we’d like to say our Hellos; to our new global Chromebook fellows,” read the company’s blog post.

“Kia ora to our New Zealand mates; where getting on-line will have shorter waits. Kumusta to new friends in the Philippines; a better way of computing is what this means. Hallo to all the folks in Norway; speed, simplicity and security are coming your way.”

Marked on the list of new markets are Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Philippines, and New Zealand.

The laptops will be available at retailer stores in these countries as well as online. Some of the retailers to offer these low-cost Chromebooks include Office Depot in Mexico and Dick Smith in New Zealand.

The models for each country will vary, but Google hasn’t detailed the criteria it uses to determine how it will differentiate between the models and which model goes where. However, Acer C720, HP Chromebook 14 and Toshiba Chromebook 13 seem to have made it to all the nine countries.

The devices are specifically designed to run Google apps and services such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Certain apps partially depend on Internet connectivity while many apps are offline-enabled.

Google has said that the devices will start shipping in the coming weeks.