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Huawei: Next-gen 10Gbps Wi-Fi to land in 2018

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Huawei announced that it has achieved over 10 times faster data transmission rates over Wi-Fi compared to the existing capability available commercially.

The company claims to have successfully tested 10.53Gbps Wi-Fi network on 5GHz frequency bands in laboratory trails at its campus in Shenzhen.

The new prototype, expected to be commercially available from 2018, is a part of the Huawei’s next generation Wi-Fi technology research launched in 2010.

Huawei said in a statement: “As the demand for ultra-fast connectivity for smartphone applications continues to drive the need for higher data transmission rates, the next generation of Wi-Fi access will need to deliver a better user experience, especially in densely populated environments requiring high density deployment such as enterprise offices, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, and coffee shops.”

Currently, 802.11ac using 80 to 160MHz bands, is the fastest Wi-Fi standard available commercially. The new standard aims to deliver a minimum of 4 times speed improvement, with “ten folds increase in spectrum efficiency.”

The company added that: “By utilising innovative technologies such as MIMO-OFDA, intelligence spectrum allocation, interference coordination and hybrid access, the next generation of Wi-Fi networks will provide dense networking for ultra-hot-zone services with a ten-fold increase in spectrum efficiency.”

Huawei claims the success of the 10Gbps test should pave way “for the validation of technologies needed to support the creation of next generation Wi-Fi.”

The company is reportedly investing in 5G technologies a sum of £374 million over the next 5 years, with a predicted commercial deployment in 2020. Huawei believes that 5G technologies will be able to offer 10Gbps data rates around a hundred times faster compared to 4G.