Samsung takes Tizen to new frontiers with SDK for televisions

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Samsung has unveiled a Tizen SDK (software development kit) for televisions giving developers the opportunity to create apps for its Smart TVs.

Though Tizen is yet to power customer grade smartphones and Tablets, the Linux based operating system is already seeing its usage on other devices including cameras, smartwatches, and fitness trackers with Smart TVs being the latest one to make it to the Tizen family.

The beta version of the SDK, which will allow developers to create apps based on HTML5 and Caph framework, will be made available to developers sometime in July.

The SDK will most likely allow developers to create apps that allows users to stream internet videos, play games, receive news updates among other things, but one of the best things is the support for ability to control your TV using voice commands or hand gestures.

Developers will also be able to create apps with support for multiple screens – users can hook up the TV to a smartphone or tablet thereby allowing them to view information on the second screen different from what is displayed on the TV.

Earlier there have been reports that Samsung was planning to launch two Tizen powered smartphones in June and along with it hints were dropped that a Smart TV could be in the pipeline as well.

Interested developers can download the Tizen TV SDK from Samsungdforum.com from ‘early July’.