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Nearly 50% Brits don’t trust eBay anymore

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The latest eBay security breach has taken a toll on the popularity of the site with as many as 50 percent of Brits revealing that they don’t trust the eCommerce site any more.

According to a study conducted by YouGov for Clearswift 49 percent of those surveyed (adults) has said that they will be less inclined to use eBay in the future because of the huge security breach that possibly exposed details of hundreds of millions of users.

“There is undoubtedly huge fallout from this cyber attack, for the millions of eBay customers and businesses which use its marketplace, as well as from a corporate perspective – and we are only in the early stages of it”, said Guy Bunker, SVP of products at Clearswift.

The study further reveals that 33 percent of users have already changed their passwords, while 52 percent haven’t but they intend to do so in near future. Twelve percent of users haven’t changed their passwords and don’t intend to either.

However, that may not be the case as eBay will be forcing all users to change their passwords next time they attempt to login.

eBay’s president David Wenig has already sent out an apology letter to millions of users wherein Wenig revealed that data as early as February this year could have been accessed by hackers. Wenig assured that investigations are being carried out aggressively and that new security systems will be deployed.

Wenig revealed that despite these ongoing measures, eBay hasn’t got a definitive answer on whether information has been compromised. Further the company also revealed that there have been no instances of any fraudulent activity.

It is recommended that users who have got quick payment options linked with a PayPal account should change their passwords as soon as possible.