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Sony PS4 key ingredient in Kaz Hirai’s future network services, wearables recipe

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Sony is betting big on the abilities and sales numbers of its PlayStation 4 as is evident from Kaz Hirai’s recent statements about company’s future plans and how they revolve around its latest console.

The CEO revealed to reporters on Monday that the company is betting big on network services and that PlayStation 4 sales numbers will matter a lot as far as the success of the network services is concerned.

“We have to rigorously pursue install-base numbers,” Hirai told reporters. “The biggest driver for our network business will be the PlayStation 4,” he added.

Hirai said that network services are becoming increasingly important for Sony and it is expecting its network business to lead the growth.

Further, Hirai also said that Sony’s R&D department is working on some funky stuff – some of it in the wearables segment – that will interact with the PlayStation gaming system. Hirai, while speaking with IDG, said that one of Sony’s key focus is to get wearables interact with its PlayStation gaming system.

Hirai said that it “a lot of potential to make it a more exciting ecosystem. It’s not just the wearable, but it’s in fact an extension of a lot of the product experiences that we bring to consumers today.”

With a lot of hype around Project Morpheus, chances are that the new VR headset from Sony could very well be just a tip of the iceberg and many more innovations are still locked inside Sony’s R&D labs.