Apple back with 2 new ‘Your Verse’ ads

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Two new commercials, with focus on 2 professionals with different needs with their iPad air integrated into their day-to-day lives, were aired on Sunday as a part of the Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign.

The new ads tout the tablet’s music creation and travelogue capabilities with stories from Finnish composer Esa-Pekka Salonen and travel writer Cherie King.

The first one-minute ad, Orchestrating Sound, looks at Salonen and his colleagues, who rely on the iPad and Orchestra app and many other apps that help in composing music to create his next masterpiece.

“For renowned composer and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, music is the deepest way of connecting with the world,” wrote Apple on the special “Your Verse” page for Orchestrating Sound.

“He uses iPad Air to translate everyday moments of inspiration into fully orchestrated scores and share his passion for classical music with others.”

Apple has also dedicated an iTunes page for Salonen’s Your Verse story that includes a full version of the composer’s Violin Concerto and apps used in the ad spot.

The second ad, “Exploring without Limits,” focuses on King, a hearing-impaired travel writer, who uses a wide range of apps as well as features of the iPad Air for navigation, communication, photography, translation and writing. In the ad, King uses AroundMe, Fotopedia, and tripwolf, to navigate and discover nearby places of interest.

“Travel writer Chérie King has canoed down the Amazon River, eaten coal-roasted lobster in Ghana, and visited an underground salt mine in Austria,” read the Apple’s special “Your Verse” page for Exploring without Limits.

“With her passion for adventure and her iPad Air, King travels the globe and inspires other deaf people to do the same.”

Similar to Orchestrating Sound, Apple has dedicated an iTunes page for King that features apps used in the ad along with the author’s favorite titles.