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Google Glass do not pose any health risks says Harvard optometrist Eli Peli

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Google Glass have been in news since a few days for all the wrong reasons – headaches due to prolonged use – and now Harvard optometrist and Google consultant Eli Peli has come forward again to clarify a few things about the head-mounted display again.

In a post on his Google+ account, Peli has made it clear that he has found no evidence of any health risks during his extensive research on head-mounted displays specifically Google Glass.

He further said that out of the thousands of Glass Explorers, only few have reported issues of eye discomfort and / or headaches. Further, Peli noted “For most, the discomfort usually goes away after a day or two as they get used to the device.”

“This adaptation phenomenon is similar to the initial discomfort some people have when wearing a new pair of prescription glasses, which eventually goes away.”

Peli stressed that like any other price of technology, people should find what’s comfortable for them and that’s why Glass Explorers should ease into their gadget.

As made clear by the optometrist in an interview with Betabeat Peli again weighs in on the micro-interaction aspect of Google Glass rather than prolonged use.

“Glass is designed for micro-interactions rather than long interactions like reading a book or watching a movie. The Glass team makes this clear in their Help Center”, Peli said.