PlayStation Now private beta for PS4 kicks off today

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Sony has announced that the PlayStation Now private beta experience will be expanding to PlayStation 4 starting today, May 20.

After a few months in private beta in PS3, the PlayStation Now, Sony’s new game streaming service is finally making its debut on the latest generation PS4.

“Up until this point, our Private Beta for PS Now has been available on PlayStation 3 systems. We’re pleased to announce that the Private Beta program is expanding and will make its debut on PlayStation 4 systems on May 20,” said Peter Jamshidi, Sony’s director of strategic planning.

“If you’ve registered for the PS Now Private Beta, keep an eye on your mailbox for a voucher code.”

According to the PlayStation blog, invites for new testers will be making their way to select inboxes shortly starting today. In addition to taking PS4 players into the fold, Sony has also confirmed that the company will be opening the doors to an increased number of PS3 owners by sending out invites “on a regular basis.”

Back in January, the company first sent out invitations to a select group of PlayStation 3 owners, giving them access to the private beta for its PlayStation Now. Sony claims that the participants logged in more than 50,000 gameplay hours trying the service on PlayStation 3 in the past few months, discovering new games and racking up Trophies.

Sony also revealed that it plans to support PlayStation Now service to be launched this summer on PS4, PS3, Vita, and some 2014 Bravia TVs.