Rdio lands in 9 more countries

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Rdio, the popular music streaming service has made its way into 9 more countries in Europe and Asia, taking the total to 60 countries globally in around 4 years.

With this addition, Rdio now offers about 25 million songs and localised playlists to the citizens of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore in Asia and Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia in Europe.

Marking this milestone, the company has created “Rdio’s 60 Countries 60 Streams” playlist which includes a track from each country on its list of territories including “chart toppers, unforgettable classics, hometown anthems and Rdio favorites.”

Rdio CEO Anthony Bay said, “We’re thrilled to have been able to expand from two to 60 countries in less than four years, while also pairing this rapid growth with regular catalogue increases reflective of the amazing and distinct music that impacts the culture of each country we serve.”

The service is already available in the Western Europe and this is the first time Asian countries get this service. While all the five newly added European countries are already categorized as “high-income” countries by the World Bank, the only Asian country that has this label on its list is Singapore.

The population it serves in Asia is about 400 million while the European countries added to the list have about 25 million people. Indonesia, world’s fourth most populated country with 250 million people, has high probability of subscriptions.

The company’s services are available on desktop, smartphone and tablets and can be accessed for free or for a monthly ads-free subscription.
However, the company has said that the pricing for the new territories will be highly competitive, with Spotify as the major competitor in most of the territories.