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A Mobile Phone That Works Only as a Phone? – But it is Kinda Water Proof

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Who on Earth would want a phone that has no camera? Would anyone want a phone that does not play MP3s or access the Internet? What if someone made a phone that didn’t even have a color screen? It sounds like a phone from the dark ages of the 1990s. But it isn’t. It is a phone that offers something many people will find a perfect attraction and consequently want to buy. It is not a new technology that makes the Sonim XP3 a hot item for Christmas sales. It is old fashioned ingenuity.
The XP3 is noteworthy for being darn near indestructible. Ever drop a mobile phone in water? Most mobiles can last around half a second when submerged. The Sonim XP3 takes a lickin and keeps on tickin (apologies to Timex). The phone is waterproof up to a metre of depth and a hour submerged. It can be, and has been, stepped on, run over, rained on and it will still work. it will ring underwater!
The speaker is extraordinarily loud for use in noisy work environments. The case is beyond shock proof it can survive a 12 foot fall onto concrete. The phone operates at 80 degrees Celsius. The Sonim XP3 has 2.5 days talk time with a standby time of two months. people have dropped these phones off of skyscrapers and have them survive. New versions have a color screen and a flashlight mode.
This is a phone for guys who build things or drive big trucks. This is the phone for adventurers and explorers. When you reach the summit and want to call for the chopper, this is the phone you will use.