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Virgin Media UK unites with Yahoo oneSearch

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As the vast majority of United Kingdom mobile Internet users choose sports, weather and news websites as homepage for their mobile computing, Virgin Media and Yahoo have teamed together to provide an exciting new enhanced mobile portal. Beginning on the 8th of December, access to news, music and entertainment will be easily achieved from the new UK Yahoo mobile Internet homepage.
Of course, Yahoo’s powerful mobile search capability will be an integral part of the Virgin Media and Yahoo collaborative site. Yahoo oneSearch has been praised as perfectly developed to meet the requirements of mobile internet users. Almost as if with intuition, oneSearch returns the most desired results to the first screen.
For example oneSearch, when queried with the name of a football team will directly return the latest scores and scheduling from that team’s website. A further example, if one uses the Yahoo Mobile search for the name of a film, Yahoo displays show times for that movie at local cinemas.
Virgin Media believes that this educated guess process will be preferred by United Kingdom mobile consumers. In complement to this process, Yahoo and Virgin Media hope to deliver relevant sponsored search results.
Some have questions whether a Google would be able to return better results with their Google Mobile technology, such as Google maps and Gmail…